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Named as “Best Betting and Gaming Company” in both 2007 and 2008, you know that is a brand you can trust. Their vision and originality have enriched the online casino industry since 1997 and now you can get bonus from and not only get a first time deposit bonus of 100% (up to £100) but also further bonuses over the next 12 months! (also known as Casino-on-Net) first floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2005 and has headquarters based in Gibraltar. The site offers tradi info about where and how to play online roulette , traditional casino games including slot machines, blackjack, craps, baccarat, pai gow poker, keno, roulette and video poker. You can even test the games with their ‘practise money’ option.

With their support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and assistance in 11 different languages, you should never be far from help, should you need it at any time.

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New Players

100% up to £100

With your first deposit at Casino-on-Net you will get a 100% Deposit Bonus (up to £100) credited to your account immediately and how to play online roulette guide for free! You can go straight to the tables and start playing. The Welcome Bonus can be cashed out when an amount totalling the bonus plus deposit amount multiplied by 20 has been wagered.

£720 in further bonuses

Over the next 12 months new players can also receive a 10% guaranteed bonus (up to £60) in the monthly Happy Hour events.

Regular players

Casino-on-Net hold several Calendar Events such as Charity Days to raise money for good causes, and Casino Race Events where hundreds of players will share in £1000s of bonuses just for accumulating Comp Points by playing specific casino games on certain days of each month. For example, in the roulette tournament that is run on 15th and 16th of each month the top prize is up to £5625 and with 210 winners being paid everyone’s in with a chance of a bonus!

Comp Points are earned every time you play at the casino. The more you play, the more you earn! Every £10 bet earns 1.5 Comp Points and every 150 Comp Points can be converted into £1. You can check your total Comp Points at any time in the cashier and that is also where you convert them into real money!

So, to take full advantage of these massive bonuses including the £800 Welcome Package just click this link and download the software. You can then open an account, make your first deposit and start playing immediately!

Forex Trading Essential Strategies for Better Profits

Learning the market’s secrets and using correctly your strategies is very important for a successful and profitable Forex trading business. The profitable results come with knowledge and experience, but there are several aspects of currency trading that should be known by anyone who would like to get into Forex and be successful. Knowing different Forex trading strategies can be the key factor for making unlimited profits.

Unlike stock trading, Forex systems work differently and you can make good profits even in the short-term period if you know the operating secrets of the markets. There are a lot of strategies available for Forex investors and leveraging is among the profitable ones that can bring you good amount of earned funds if you decide to follow it in the right way.

By leveraging, the online Forex traders can use more funds than the deposits to maximize the trading profits. An investor can utilize a lot more than the amount available in the deposit account against the Forex trades, which can lead to better volumes and higher profits. This strategy allows the investors to gain with the help of short-term fluctuations of the market.

Stop loss order is another popular strategy used by Forex traders in their routine trading. The strategy is simple – a price level is determined and below it the investor doesn’t not like to trade and prefer to limit the loss. This is effective strategy for the protection of your investment and it’s better to minimize your losses rather to lose inevitably all your funds in some risky trade. This option should be used carefully because stopping the trade may also be losing the chance to make profits. So it really depends on the investor, what kind of a strategy he uses and how much risk he can undertake.

There is another strategy called automatic entry order which is very common among the traders and investors. This allows them to enter into the market whenever the prices are favorable for them. There are different predetermined price levels and whenever such prices are reached, the investors automatically enter the trading. There are a lot of variants of this strategy to help out traders in making the maximum out of their investments. A new Forex trader may be overwhelmed with all the information, but with some experience all Forex terms and strategies may become part of your daily business schedule.

Forex is one of the biggest trading markets in the world which trades billions of dollars daily. Anyone who can use Internet and has the money to invest is welcome to get in the Forex trading. Well, like any other industry or market, you have to learn about the foreign exchange and its trading before putting a lot of funds into action. The benefits of successful Forex trading are many. With knowledge and experience really good amount of money can be made out of it. Learning every aspect of Forex and professional training are important in order to be successful as a trader or investor.

There are brokers and agencies which provide professional training in Forex trading. Such trainings are led by people who are already successful traders and have some good experience in the currency market. To follow the tips of Forex gurus is essential for a lot of people who would like to learn about Forex markets and how they work. Such trainings are beneficial and important not only for the beginners but also for traders who operate on other markets like stock markets for example and who want to get into Forex trading. Understanding how currency trading works and all the industry terms and strategies is very important especially for a person who wants to invest in it.

There are a lot of tools, charts and systems used by Forex traders. It is difficult for anyone to be successful in the trading without knowing the proper use of all these systems. The leverage and the amount of trading are just some of the factors that form the final results, so good knowledge and training become more essential for successful trades. If the profit margins increase then you must realize that it involves more investment and risk. Without proper training you won’t know how to maximize your profits with small investments while keeping a low risk.

Forex market requires more experience and the good training is something mandatory if you want to be more confident in the business. The good start is always essential for gaining confidence and motivation. Forex trading training gives a beginner the support to know the markets better. So, you can choose to create free Forex account to practice your trading, or trade with small lots with higher leverage. Just continue your training until you feel confident to risk more in the dynamic currency trading market.